Making & recording music ever since, started as a kid playing around with a 4 track tapedeck and later on a 16-track digital recorder. One thing led to another and this evaluated into the Basementstudio, a 120 square meter recording facility in the centre of music city The Hague.

Since the moment I picked up a bassguitar at the age of 10, I started playing in bands. First just making noise with friends, later on the noise slowly morphed into music. Now, 30 years, 2500+ gigs and numerous albums later, I’m in the fortunate position to be still playing in a band with my best mates, spending most of my time, doing what I like to do best,…making music.

The experience of being in a successful band for over 20 years, being able to work with cool people at cool places is something I’ve incorporated into the Basementstudio.

Since I’m working a lot with young and upcoming talent I’ve recently founded Homebass Productions, an independent production company to facilitate bands & artists to get their music heard!

Under the flag of Homebass Productions I recently started to do more scoring and composition work for commercials and films. A new inspiring field of work which triggers completely new creative possibilities.

Specialties: Production, Arranging, Recording, Mixing & Creative directing